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kph because its American

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Q: Is the speedometer in Simpsons Hit and Run in mph or kph?
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How do you convert kilometers to mph on a 1994 Camaro z28 speedometer?

The speedometer on the 1994 z28 Camaro has both MPH and KPH on it. The KPH are the red numbers on the inside of the scale.

What is the maximum speed o f kawasaki fury 125?

101.7 kph in a GPS, and 122 kph on analog speedometer

Can you change the speedometer from mph to kph in driver sanfrancisco?

divide by 1000

What does a speedometer in a car measure?

Speed... More specifically mph or kph

What is the unit of measurement for speedometer?

Speedometer measure thing in mph (Miles Per Hour) or kph (Kilometers Per Hour).

Does japan use mph or kph in their cars?

When Japanese cars are imported into the UK the speedometer is in kilometers per hour. So I would think KPH is the standard for Japan.

What type of speedometer is used on a 1991 Lexus Ls400?

probably mph or kph

What and speedometer measure?

A speedometer measures the speed a vehicle is traveling in miles per hour (MPG) or kilometers per hour (KPH).

How can you change a C3 from kph to mph?

The legal method to change the KPH to MPH in a Renault Laguna would be to remove the speedometer instrument cluster and take it or ship it to an speedometer and instrument cluster service center where they can legally alter the MPH and KPH with all of the proper paperwork and documentation. Hope this helps!

How fast do you have to run in kph to run 4min mile?

You must maintain a pace of 24.15 kph

Why is the speedometer of your Toyota spacio x different from other spacios?

A Spacio has a speedo in KPH only I need one for the UK which must have MPH and KPH

How do you change the speedometer reading on your Renault megane scenic from mph to kph?

Read the handbook