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Q: Is the simpsons on adult swim?
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What age group is the simpsons suitable for?

adult swim

Will beavis and butthead be on adult swim soon?

i say yes it will be on adult swim

When was Adult Swim - Australia - created?

Adult Swim - Australia - was created in 2008.

Was spongeboob squarepants sopposed to be on adult swim?

No. Adventure time was on adult swim.

Why should kids not watch adult swim?

Because none of the shows aired on adult swim are suitable for kids. That's why it's called adult swim.

Is adult swim on cox cable?

Adult Swim Is On Channel 53 ( Cox Cable )

Is adult swim cancelled?

adult swim can't be swim is a late night programming block on Cartoon Network.

Can you still watch anime on adult swim?

Adult Swim still show's anime on weekend's.

Why did Adult Swim cancel Code Geass?

because the series already ended on adult swim

Was Regular Show originally slated to air on adult swim?

It was pitched for adult swim but it was rejected.

Is adult swim for adults or kids?

It's for adults, after all, the programming block is called ["adult" swim]

When did Adult Swim launch?

Adult Swim launched on Sunday, September 2nd, 2001 at 10:00pm