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No. SpongeBob SquarePants debuted in 1999.

adult swim debuted in 2001.

Naturally it would be impossible for SpongeBob to have debuted on adult swim when it predates it by 2 years.

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Yes, it was suppose to be on on adult swim. Originally, spongebob and patrick where suppose to be a gay couple. But nick bought them off and turned it into a kids show.

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No, not unless he had some random cameo on another show.

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No, it premiered on Nickelodeon.

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Q: Is SpongeBob supposed to be on adult swim?
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Sponge bob is not on adult swim. If your seeing this, it is from Lionel Longkeng.

What is the real rating of SpongeBob?

spongebob was originally designed to be an adult swim. it was later decided to be a childrens show.

Was regular show supposed to be on adult swim?

Oh my blob!

Was regular show supposed to be on adult-swim?

Originally, yes. Technically it is still an Adult TV Show

Is the show SpongeBob supposed to be like family guy?

No, not really. Family Guy is an adult cartoon, aimed at adults; SpongeBob Squarepants is supposed to be a kids show. Though that is true, many people seem to notice crude humor and "hidden dirty jokes" on the childrens' show.

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No. Adventure time was on adult swim.

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