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No, The Nightmare Before Christmas is an original film by Tim Burton. The name of the movie is like a "parady" to Twas The Night Before Christmas.

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Q: Is the nightmare before Christmas movie a remake?
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Is Nightmare Before Christmas a great movie?

Yes, Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney movie.

Who sings this is Halloween in the movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'?

Danny Elfman sings the original This is Halloween. But Marilyn Manson did make a remake of This is Halloween.

Who is the archenemy in the movie the nightmare before Christmas?

The Villain in The Nightmare Before Christmas is Oogie Boogie.

Is the movie nightmare before Christmas good?

yeah is good

What is pete wentz favoutite movie?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What year was the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas released?


Is the nightmare before Christmas a play?

a clay animated movie.

Which Tim Burton movie does the skeleton discover Christmas town?

The nightmare before christmas

Does the Two Headed Monster lead the reindeer in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas?

No, in Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack the skeletons dog, Zero leads the reindeer

Does bill kaulitz like the movie Nightmare Before Christmas?

Yes bill kaulitz does infact like the nightmare before christmas. in an interveiw with M.T.V, on of the questions was what are your fav movies. Bill Says, he likes Sex In The City, and nightmare before christmas. (:

What is pete wentz favourite movie?

It's "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Is there only one nightmare before Christmas movie?

Unfortunately, yes.