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No . However He's still with Karrueche Tran -__- .

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No they Broke up on 2010

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Q: Is the love triangle still go on with chris brown karrache tran and rihanna?
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Is Rihanna baby Chris Brown's?

Rihanna does not have a baby by Chris Brown or by anybody.

How old is Chris Brown and Rihanna?

In 2010 Chris Brown is 21 and Rihanna is 22.

Has Rihanna and Chris Brown had a fight?

rihanna and chris brown did get into a fightyes

Does Chris Brown like Rihanna?

No, Chris Brown does not like Rihanna anymore.

When did Chris Brown and Rihanna go out?

Chris Brown and Rihanna went out in 2008.

Is Rihanna's baby by Chris Brown?

Rihanna does not have a baby and neither does Chris Brown.

Do Chris Brown still want to be with Rihanna?

Chris Brown is over Rihanna.

Does chris brown have kids by rihanna?

No Chris Brown did not have a kid by Rihanna or anybody.

When Chris Brown and Rihanna had the fight did Rihanna hit Chris Brown with a shoe?

Chris Brown want pompom

Who did rihanna cheat on with Chris Brown?

She cheated on Chris Brown with Drake the sexy rapper

Is Rihanna pressing charges on Chris Brown?

no rihanna is not pressing charges on chris brown

When did Chris Brown loved Rihanna?

Chris Brown loved Rihanna when they dated in 2008.