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Yes But She Sounds Like A Boy I Know Funny Right?

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No. Its a girl an her name is Renee Pheonix. At times she may sound like a boy due to her raspy voice

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Renee Phoenix

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Q: Is the lead singer in fit for rivals a girl?
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What is the name of all the people in Fit For Rivals?

Renee Pheonix, Thomas Amason, Jesse Carroll, John Hartman, Eli Clark according to their MySpace page.

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Who is the lead singer of the band fit for rivals?

Renee Phoenix is the lead singer o Fit For Rivals.

Who is Fit For Rivals?

Fit for Rivals is a five person band from Jacksonville, Florida. The lead vocals is Renee Phoenix.

Is the signer from fit for rivals a girl or a boy?

It's a very hot girl.

Why does the girl from Fit For Rivals sing like a guy?

Do not judge people like the way they sing! Thats just the way she sings.

Who is the lead singer for One Direction?

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Why does the lead singer of fit for rivals sing like a guy?

Because thes awesome! And its just her voice. Listen to damage its girly. Girl singers usualy suck and I love this one, is it because she sounds a lil like a man probly is it because she's hot ofcorse but her voice gives her band a distinct quality that no one can match. She brings something new to the table and that's how you succeed in life

Who was the first person to song against all odds?

Dappy of course he is the lead singer and his so sexy and fit!

What is the girls name in fit for rivals?

Renee Phoenix

What are the band members' names in Fit For Rivals?

Renee Phoenix

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What kind of band is fit for rivals?

Rock. That's all the description necessary.

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