Is the clove an aphrodisiac

Updated: 8/30/2023
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no, but oysters and Weed are!

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Q: Is the clove an aphrodisiac
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What acts as an aphrodisiac for women?

An aphrodisiac for women is a lot of choices. One key aphrodisiac is chocolate.

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what is = aphrodisiac?" =

How do you Use the word aphrodisiac in a sentence?

That alone was an aphrodisiac to Josie.

When was Aphrodisiac - song - created?

Aphrodisiac - song - was created in 2012.

Is rabbit an aphrodisiac?

Yes rabbit meat is considered to be aphrodisiac

How do you use aphrodisiac in a sentence?

some say that conversation is the best aphrodisiac

What are the aphrodisiac food?

There really aren't any actual "aphrodisiac" foods.

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What are great aphrodisiac's?

Actually, there's no such thing as a food based aphrodisiac. However, oysters and caviar have that reputation.

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Is watching Rebecca Black perform like an aphrodisiac?

Anything can be an aphrodisiac, it depends on the person. If that arouses you then that's fine.