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Q: Is the book The Window Tears which is seen on the movie The Words?
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What do Monty's last words to andy mean in the book Tears of a Tiger?

Monty's last words to Andy in the book Tears of a Tiger by Camren Griggs, mean that Monty wants all the best for Andy.

Is there a book called Fire Tears?

We cannot locate a book called "Fire Tears". However there are two similar titles. "Tears of Fire" by Nelle McFather and "Tears of Fire" by Evan Mychal Smith.

What was Andys girlfiends name in the book tears of a tiger?

In The Book Tears Of The A Tiger Andy Girlfriend Name Was Keisha

Will there be another Alex Rider book after crocodile tears?

Yes. Anthony Howoritz announced that there will be a book after crocodile tears called YASSEN

The first time Jesus shed tears in the book of luke?

The first tears shed by Jesus in the book of Luke was when Lazrus died.

What book in the Bible is considered the book of tears?

This is the Old Testament book of Lamentations.

Who is the publisher for the book crocodile tears?

The publishing company for Crocodile Tears is Penguin Group Inc.

Where can i get the book The Sea Dragon's Tears?

at borders

What is heels?

Hollow heel was an ailment in the list on an apothecary window on a street in New York, in the movie "Bell Book and Candle." Wondering what that is, or was.

What is 8th book in the Alex Rider series called?

It is called "Crocodile tears" or "alligator tears".

How many pages in crocodile tears?

In the Alex Rider book, Crocodile Tears, there are 385 pages to the story.

Sociology vocab words in the movie stand by me?

Two sociolody vocabulary words are given to students in the movie Stand By Me each day from the book A Separate Peace.