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Q: Is the band stone sour satanic or just atheist?
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Are black viel brides a satanic band?

Nope...not one bit they're just atheist, they dont believe in the devil

Is Alesana a satanic band?

No its not a Satanic band, They just express what they feel about life in music

Is slayer considered a satanic band?

they aren't satanic, they just write satanic lyrics

Is the band godsmack satanic?

no, they are not satanic. just cause they have the word god in their name dosent mean they are satanic.

Is dope a satanic band?

no, just heavy

Is mushroomhead a satanic band?

I just dont know!!!!!

Is limp bizkit a satanist?

Limp Bizkit is a band, not a person. A person can be a satanist but a band cannot. A band can be satanic though. No, Limp Bizkit is not a satanic band. They just suck.

Is ac dc a satanic band?

No it is not a satanic band they don't mention gad or the devil in their music they're just plain old rock.

Is 1349 a satanic band?

i freakin hope not!! i have just looked and they are!

Is acacia strain satanic?

No they are not satanic if you've seen their merch there are shirts that say there is no god. their lyrics are just like that too, they are atheist, as am I :) PROMOTE ATHEISM AND THE RAELIAN MOVEMENT!

What band is satanic?

Slayer started as satanic but then became just anti christian. Same with Morbid Angel and possibly Deicide. Anthrax was never satanic. Gorgoroth is definitely Satanic, and who said that Megadeth was satanic, Megadeth is political.

Is a day to remember a satanic band?

They're not known to be Satanic. If they're lyrics or appearance seem like it, it may just be a front, or they could be referring to something else that may be taken as a Satanic band. But as far as lyrically and musically, they're not Satanists nor do they sing about open Satanic beliefs.

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