Is emmure satanic

Updated: 8/30/2023
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1st user answer: i dont know much of them, but mostly scene kids are into it. which means its not satanic or metal just trendy and stupid.

2nd user answer: No, they are just passionate about their music. They do have songs what start with "Rape, he scramed" etc but nothing about religion, so they are not satanic

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Emmure is not a Satanic band... They do mention demons and such in the song "Blackheart Reigns" but it is in reference to a Marvel Comics character who is a demon. The entire album "Slave to the Game" is based on comic characters.

Other people point out that the multiple Christian references in their music makes them a Christian band. However, the swearing and use of inappropriate content in their lyrics strongly disproves this opinion.

None of the band members reference God (nor Satan) in their shoutouts at the end of their lyrics booklets. Emmure is neither Satanic nor Christian, they just have very unique lyrics at times.

Similar Christian band: Impending Doom

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Q: Is emmure satanic
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