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yes it the baby is real :)

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No, it's not. The baby wasn't real, I was computerized. It was really noticable, I found it really pathetic. But no the baby was not real, but girl became real when Bella and Jacob and Edward went to go get people to tell the Volturi's (or whatever their name is) that the baby is immortal or whatever it was.

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Q: Is the baby from breaking dawn part 1 real?
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Is bell and Edward real have a baby?

NO because Bella finds out she is pregnant in the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1

Is Kristen Stewart and Robert pattinson having a baby?

No it's only in breaking Dawn not real life

Is Robert Pattinson going to be in the second part to breaking dawn?

No cause he got real fat

Did they use a puppet in Breaking Dawn?

I don't think ther did I mean the whole part looks pretty real

Is she real married to edward or is it in the flim?

I assume you are talking about Bella and Edward. But yes, they get married in both the book, Breaking Dawn, and the upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1. As far as the real life actors go, they are not married, just rumored to be dating.

When does the breaking dawn part 2 trailer come out?

Probably in September because the real movie comes out in November. The trailer of breaking dawn part 2 is released on march 20th 2012 but it will show a sneak peak of the trailer.i know this beacuse it said on facebook

What are the real names of the characters in Breaking Dawn?

bella swan

How can you read Breaking Dawn on computer?

I was able to read "Breaking Dawn on a computer" both silently and out loud. Please let me know when you have a real challenge for me.

Who gets killed first in twilight breaking dawn part 2?

they all die but its not really a real fight , its just alice's vision (of the fight )

Does any of the wolfpack die in breaking dawn?

in alices vision but not in real life :)

In Breaking Dawn how does Edward feel about their baby?

At first when Renesmee is in Bella's tummy, he hates her real bad cause she was hurting Bella. After she was born he loves her but not as much as he loves Bella.

Why is Bella Swan dying in Breaking Dawn?

Bella Swan is dying in Breaking Dawn because she is having a half-human, half-vampire baby and it's destroying her bnes and socking her blood. Edward injects his venom into her heart right after she delievers their baby, and then he bites her arms and legs and then seals them with his tongue to save her. It hurts enough to have a baby as a human normally in real life, think of having a half-vampire baby and being turned into a vampire in the process.