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Q: Is the actor who plays Big Money in the Progressive commercials Joel McHale?
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Who is the actor who played the race car driver in the Hardee's commercials?

stock car driver played by soap opera actor Phil McHale

Who is the male actor with flo in progressive commercials?

John Jenkinson is the actor.

Who is the actor with the mustache who appears in both cox and progressive commercials?

John Jenkinson

Who is the cute actor in the Enterprise and Frosted Flakes and Progressive Insurance commercials?

Paul Bartholomew?

Who is the black actor in the Progressive insurance commercials that wants to juggle chainsaws?

Reggie currelley

Who are the two insurance guys in the Progressive Insurance commercials?

One is actor Brad McDonald

Who is the actor that plays big money on progressive ad?

Southey Blanton

What is the name of the actor that plays artie in glee?

Kevin McHale

Is the guy in the progressive insurance commercials who gets to price-gun his own insur pakages john ross bowie who plays barry kripke on the tv comedy series big bang theory?

No, the person in the Progressive Insurance commercials who uses a price gun is not John Ross Bowie. The actor's name is Jim Cashman, and he plays the character Jamie in the commercials. John Ross Bowie is a different actor known for his role as Barry Kripke on "The Big Bang Theory."

Who is the blonde actor in the Progressive Insurance commercials in the brown leather jacket and aviator shades?

His name is Emil Slobonovitch, he is from Outer Mongolia and was raised in Harlem. He was a sanitation worker and caught the eye of an acting agency 2 years ago in Santa Monica. His wife is named Althea and he has 4 kids.

Is the actor that is in the chantix commercials the same for carnival?

Nathan from the recent Chantix commercials quit smoking using Chantix and is not an actor and has never been in any other commercials.

Who is the actor in the kayak brain surgery commercials?

The actor in the kayak brain surgery commercials is T.J. Jagodowski.