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Nathan from the recent Chantix commercials quit smoking using Chantix and is not an actor and has never been in any other commercials.

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2014-01-06 00:19:47
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Q: Is the actor that is in the chantix commercials the same for carnival?
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Can you take chantix and synthroid at the same time?

Chantix and Synthroid can be used at the same time under a doctor's supervision only. Synthroid is used for thyroid problems. Chantix is a medication to help people quit smoking.

Can you take chantix and Adderall at the same time?

I am taking adderall and chantix together. Tomorrow will be my third dose of chantix and my 5 dose of adderall. I checked with both my doctor and the pharmacist and they both have said it is ok.

Can you take chantix and levothyroxine at the same time?

Yes, you can take these two different medications at the same time. Chantix is a drug used to treat nicotine addiction and Lexothyroxine is a drug used to treat hypothyroidism.

Can you take Wellbutrin chantix at same time?

NO These two drugs are chemically the same thing. You do not need to take them at the same time.

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There have been many actors that have played as Mario in Mario commercials, and there are almost always more than one commercial for each Mario game, with or without the same actor.

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The 'terrible spokesman' was the ubiquitous Jerry Lambert, who did the same sort of character in commercials for GEICO, Holiday Inn, and now for PlayStation as "Kevin Butler."The GEICO CEO with the gecko is Brian Carney, son of actor Art Carney.The 'intense' radio and TV actor doing "can GEICO really save you 15%" is Michael McGlone.The 'nature commercial' star was Leszek Burzynski.

Is chantix a narcotic?

No way. Chantix is a pill that works for cigarettes in a way that methadone works for heroin addicts. it does not produce any euphoric or pleasurable effects, it only blocks the pleasure receptors that nicotene usually activates. Therefore, eliminates the effects of nicotene and reduces cravings at the same time. Dont take chantix to get high.

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Yes, it is the same red-headed woman that does all the Glade commercials. Her name is Dori Kelly.

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