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Q: Are the commercials the same in every city?
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Where can one view Circuit City commercials?

One can view Circuit City commercials on websites, such as YouTube. YouTube has a large variety of almost every Circuit City commercial ever made. One can also view many other videos on their website.

Does TV FX channel have commercials?

Yes every channel has commercials but if its a movie or something than they don't have as much commercials but they still do have some.

Who are the people in the commercials?

Its a random model in every commercial.

Does the same woman do all of the glade commercials?

Yes, it is the same red-headed woman that does all the Glade commercials. Her name is Dori Kelly.

Are the actors in the Publix Asian sub commercial the same as the Haverty's couple?

She is the same, Emily Tarver. He is not. The guy in the Haverty commercials is: ??? the guy in the Publix commercials is: ??? Apparently it is harder to find the male actors in commercials.

Who is that white guy im virtually every commercial?

commercials for what

Is it the same girl education connection singing commercials?

Jamie Waterse is the girl in the education connection commercials.

Is the actor that is in the chantix commercials the same for carnival?

Nathan from the recent Chantix commercials quit smoking using Chantix and is not an actor and has never been in any other commercials.

Is it the same baby in both Capital One commercials?


Is the milo commercial actress on both commercials the same actress?


Pens sell for about the same price in every city in the country but houses do not why?

cuz there not pens

Who sings Every time we say goodbye in the red cross commercials?

lupa kalupa