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no it not its just a set unfourtanlly

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Q: Is the Cullens house in Twilight a set of a real home?
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In the movie twilight was the Cullens house a real house or just a set?

In the Twilight Movie, the Cullen's house is an actual house. It's in Portland and is owned by a Nike executive and his family.

In the movie twilight what are the Cullens Address?

that house is not real so what I'm trying to say is i don't curently know just kidding A: 82421

What is charlisle cullens from twilight real name in life?

Peter Facinelli

What is Alice Cullens real name from new moon and twilight?

Her real name is Ashley Greene

What is rob pattison's real name?

Edward Cullens ( twilight star ) real name is Rob Pattison

What is Calisle Cullens real name?

Peter Facinelli is the actor of Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight Saga

What is emmet Cullens from twilight real name in real life?

The guy that plays Emmett Cullen is named Kellan Lutz.

What is theme of the vampire?

well on twilight (your category) they are modernized do- gooders, in real life they can be anything, some are like the Cullens, but some are like the Vultouri

In Twilight- On what street does Bella live?

She lives in Forks Washington which is real they even call it twilight town and the house Bella lives in the movie is a real house PEACE OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By: Kristen Stewart (Bella)

What if the Cullens were real?

then I would be a vampire

Are the cullens real?

The Cullen family are not real. They are a fictional family.

What is the last chapter about in the twilight book new moon?

the last real chapter is about Bella's wish to become immortal, too. she goes over to the cullens house for a vote to see who all wants her to also become a vampire. the epilouge, edward, Jacob, and Bella meet to talk about the treaty.