Is svr 2012 on PS2

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i dont know but probably not because they are not making many games for ps2 now

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Q: Is svr 2012 on PS2
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Will there be svr 2012 on ps2?


Will there be WWE 2012 the video game for ps2?

No SVR 11 was the last game for PS2 and they decided not to release for the PS2 when they developed WWE 12

What smakdown vs raw 2012 comes on ps2?

The Last SVR was the 2011 game the new game WWE 12 does not come in PS2

Is there fan axxess for svr 2011 for ps2?

Sadly, no there isn't. I have svr 11 for my ps2 and it sucks not having fan axxess.

Is svr 2011 going to be on ps2?

im preety sure because every game svr has been on ps2. Yes, because svr originated on ps2. Yes it will be released on October 26 2010 for the PS2 and other consoles see related link

How can get the entrance of alberto del rio in svr 2011 in ps2?

superstar 31 is jeff hardy ps2 svr 2011

Will smackdown vs raw 2012 be on ps2 this year?

No it will not. WWE SVR ended the series in 2011 and also the PS2 game versions for the new series WWE 12

How do you acess WWE shop svr ps2?

you need an online connection to get to the wwe shop for svr 2011. but the ps2 no longer has online so really you just can't(if you have a ps2).

Is svr 2012 ps2 is available in Karachi?

Yes, SVR, or Smackdown vs. Raw is available in Karachi, for the Playstation 2. It will cost a bit more, but it is said to be easier to play than on the XBox.

Does WWE svr 2010 work on any kind of ps2 system?

Yes if you purchased the PS2 game it will work on any PS2. The SVR 2010 is also made for many other consoles and only the PS2 game will work on the PS2

What shop can you get svr 2011 on PS2?

It will be at Gamestop.

Can you play svr 2010 online on ps2?