Is susake dead

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sadly... no. sasuke aint dead. YET. >=D

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Q: Is susake dead
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Does susake ever revive his clan?

no when your clan is dead its dead he could always make a new uchiha clan though

Who does susake love?


Who is susake crush?


Does susake dies?

Not so far

Does susake revive itachi?

Not so far

Who Does susake revive his clanwith?

Nobody so far

What does susake say to sakura when she finds him?

the first thing he says to her is, "sakura..."

Does susake ever come back?

We do not yet know (as of 1/20/09) no :(

Does Naruto get susake back?

in the manga naruto is going to do what ever it takes to stop sasuke

What episode did naurto and susake fight when he came out of the hospital?

episode 108 or 109 i am uncertain

How do you get Susake in Naruto Uzumaki Chronicals 2?

u have to finish the game 2 times

Does sakura tell susake she loves him in Shippuden?

no she doesn't. well not yet tho! if you think that's gonna happen