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Dead or Alive Deadeye Dick

Grateful Dead

Theory of a Dead man

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Q: What is the name of bands that have dead in the name?
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What are five major bands that played at Woodstock?

Five of the "bigger name" bands that played at Woodstock: The Who, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, Santana.

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Some bands with "kill" in their name include Killswitch Engage, Gwar, and Children of Bodom.

Is grunge dead?

No. In fact, a lot of prominent grunge bands have recently reunited.

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Bass drums are used in marching bands, concert bands, orchestras, rock bands, you name it.

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What are some bands with tom as part of the bands name?

Bon Jovi, Steps, All Saints.Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Who sang the song Superman Is Dead?

There are a number of songs titled Superman (is) Dead. Some of the bands and artists who perform that or similarly named songs are Legenda and The Broken.

Are there any good Swedish melodic metal bands similar to Dead by April or any other bands close to Five Finger Death Punch?

Opeth is a good band to try.

Whats jeff hardys bands name?


What was the bands name that performed on treadmills?

OK Go.

Can you name some nintendocore bands?

Horse the Band