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Dead or Alive Deadeye Dick

Grateful Dead

Theory of a Dead man

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Q: What is the name of bands that have dead in the name?
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What are five major bands that played at Woodstock?

Five of the "bigger name" bands that played at Woodstock: The Who, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band, Santana.

What bands does Chandler Riggs like?

Foo Fighters, Dead Mau5, and pretty much all the rock bands

What are some bands like Black Veil Brides?

Escape the fate if u r looking for christian bands try dead poetic

What are bass drums used in?

Bass drums are used in marching bands, concert bands, orchestras, rock bands, you name it.

Is grunge dead?

No. In fact, a lot of prominent grunge bands have recently reunited.

Which types of bands have drum kits?

Rock bands, pop bands, metal bands, grunge bands, country and western bands, punk bands, alternative rock bands, progressive rock bands, indie rock bands, latin-american bands, jazz bands, blues bands, glam rock bands, gospel bands, death metal bands.. to name a few. But should give you an idea. Are you from Venus by any chance?

Bands with super in their name?


Do whales travel in bands?

they travel in bands but another name is when they are in a band its called a pod

What are the top grossing touring bands of all time?

Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones

Are there any bands with the name pink in them?


Show compy that makes silly bandz?

Many, Silly Bands,Wild Bands, Silicone Bands there are more I just can't name them all!

What bands cover grateful dead songs?

There is a band called Darkstar who is committed to covering Grateful dead songs. They are a really good band.

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