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Q: Is selena gomez step brothres names are max and justin?
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What are all Justin Bieber's old girlfriends names?

Selena Gomez

What are the names of the two girls in mistletoe by Justin Bieber?

Selena gomez and vennsa hugens

What is Selena Gomez's and Justin biebe rs couple nickname?

Some people call Justin and Selena different couple names, but the most common one is Jelena.

What are the names of the girls Justin Bieber has kissed?

Selena Gomez and jasmine and paige hurd and Miley Cyrus

What are the names of the hottest teens celebs in holl ywood?

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift,

What are Becky G and Selena Gomez full names?

Selena Gomez full name is Selena Marie Gomez Becky G's full name is Rebecca Marie Gomez (Selena & Rebecca have the same middle names and last names)

What is his girlfriends names?

Selena gomez

What are the names of Selena Gomez siblings?

Selena is a only child.

What were the parents names of Selena Gomez?

Ricardo Gomez and Mandy Teefy Gomez.

What are the names of Selena Gomez's Co-Stars that play her brothers Justin and Max?

In Disney Channel's Orginial Television Series, Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) has 2 brothers. * Justin Russo- David Henrie * Max Russo- Jake T. Austin

List the names of the Canadians who have been honoured?

ummm....oh i know justin bieber and selena gomez and lil wayne and lady gaga

What is Selena Gomez's pearents names?

Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Gomez