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No. Sesshomaru loves Rin like a daughter. Sesshomaru has significant feelings for Kagura and that is shown in the final act in episode 1. (not gonna say what happens don't wanna spoil it for you) Ok fine, Kagura dies, there, I said it.

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Q: Is rin sesshomaru's love interest
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When does sesshomaru fall in love with rin?

As a dad yes but not as a boyfriend no I think Rin does love Sesshmoraru as a daughter and has a fond for him.

Why does rin from shuffle choose asa instead of seia?

Rin choses Asa because he loves her. He does not like seia or narine or kaidai. He concetered them all but he did not love them.

Does rin love haru?

Yes. She does love him...alot! In fact, when she started to come out in the manga she was trying to find out how to break the curse to free Haru. She cares alot for him. See, when Rin broke up with him it was only because she didn't want Akito to hurt him. She wanted to protect him. And that's was the only way and she knew it was for the best. But the good news is that they come back together as a couple!! YAY!! <3 In one of the books, Rin and Haru secretly Date without Akito knowing. Haru asks Rin to kiss him but Rin refuses, but then gives in. Although Rin is only in the Manga :( I wish she were in the anime 8D.

Who likes rin?

Well, im not sure what your asking.... In the anime, Sesshomaru likes Rin, but they never fall in love, Sesshomaru treats her more like a daughter or a family member.

Who does sesshomaru end up with?

If you mean as a friend, than that'd be Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un. Maybe Kohaku as well. He likes InuYasha and his group, although the 2 brothers don't get along. In a love kinda way, he is somewhat in love with Kagura.Contradicting to that last statement, it seems as if Sesshomaru and Rin would be a better pair than Kagura and Sesshomaru.The presence of Rin at his heels is proof of his growing compassion. He not only tolerates a human, but also acts in an extremely protective manner towards her and rushes to her aid when she gets in trouble.And, it is actually the other way around with Kagura. She seems to hint romantic interest in Sesshomaru, but she dies anyway. (Spoiler).

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How old was sesshomarus father?

28 i think

Does seshomaru love rin?

Yes Seshomaru loves Rin. Not like inuyasha loves kagome. that's a different type of love. he love rin like a daughter.

Does kohaku love rin?

I think it is possible that Rin like Kohaku and Kohaku likes Rin. But I say its on a friend level because you can see that they care for each other. But I would not say love. No Kohaku dose not love but like Rin.

Who does sesshomaru-Sama love?


When does sesshomaru fall in love with rin?

As a dad yes but not as a boyfriend no I think Rin does love Sesshmoraru as a daughter and has a fond for him.

Do rin and kohaku from 'inuyasha' love each other?

no the bond of love is more focused on seshomoru and rin thought kohaku and rin are good friends in the manga kohaku becomes another companion and travels with them

What happens between Sesshomaru and Rin in Inuyasha Season 8?

season 8 is almost the end of inuyasha until the new episode comes out which is 168 in September 2009 but in the end of the season sesshomaru comes to save rin when she gets kidnapped but the monks who hate demons save the other kid and rin but rin just sits there and waits until sesshomaru comes and when the monk asks her to come with him she was talking about how her lord which is sesshomaru will come to save her and sesshomaru heard her and soon the monks see sesshomaru and try to destroy him but sesshomarus demon powers are too much and the monks all faint while one monk tells rin not to go with the demon and soon rin runs off with sesshomaru.

Why didn't Rin pick Kaedae in Shuffle?

It was one-sided love. Kaedae loved Rin in time, but rin only thought of her as family but was grateful for her hospitality.

Does rin love Kakashi?

Yes, but she is dead..

Does Len love Miku?

Maybe as a sister like Rin (Sometimes Rin more), It depends because people make him like Neru or Rin, but yes he loves Miku (as a sister or maybe not.)

Who does rin love?

Assming you mean Rin Kagamine. Rin Kagamine is a vocal package for the software VOCALOID. So she doesn't really have emotions, but usually she's portrayed as being a couple with her twin Len Kagamine.

What actors and actresses appeared in I Love You - 2001?

The cast of I Love You - 2001 includes: Rin Seo as Yu-jin