Does rin love haru

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Yes. She does love him...alot! In fact, when she started to come out in the manga she was trying to find out how to break the curse to free Haru. She cares alot for him. See, when Rin broke up with him it was only because she didn't want Akito to hurt him. She wanted to protect him. And that's was the only way and she knew it was for the best. But the good news is that they come back together as a couple!! YAY!! <3

In one of the books, Rin and Haru secretly Date without Akito knowing. Haru asks Rin to kiss him but Rin refuses, but then gives in. Although Rin is only in the Manga :( I wish she were in the anime 8D.

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No, he doesn't. He loves Rin. Haru says that Yuki ''was his first love'' although its more like admiration than ''love". He loves Yuki like a brother.

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I think so but what i have seen that he feel home for him!

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Q: Does rin love haru
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Which chapter did Haru tell Rin to sleep with him?

Haru tells Rin to sleep with him in Chapter 13 of the manga &quot;Free!&quot;.

Does Rin die?

If you are referring to Rin Sohma, then no. Rin breaks up with Haru to keep him safe.

Do rin and haru get toghter in fruits basket?

In the Fruits Basket series, Rin and Haru do have a close relationship, but they do not end up together romantically. Their bond is deep and meaningful, but the story focuses more on their individual growth and development rather than a romantic relationship between them.

Who is rin in fruits basket?

Rin is Haru's girlfriend. She is a member of the Chinese Zodiac, she represents the horse

What chapter did they show rin and haru past?

in chapter 78 to chapter 80

What does Haru do to Akito after Rin goes to the hospital fruits basket?

It doesn't show what Haru does, but he probably yells at Akito (I'm not sure if Haru would hit Akito or not...but maybe) but it doesn't really show. Haru was definetly mad though

Does Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya have a girlfriend?

Yes, Rin. Her real name is Isuzu Sohma, but her nickname is Rin. She only appears in the manga, and it shows that Haru and Rin went out for a long time, secretly, behind Akito's back, but when Akito found out, he pushed Rin out the window and Rin broke up with Haru to protect him so he doesn't get hurt. Later they get back together after the curse is broken, and Akito reveals she is a woman.

Who is Rin Fruits Basket?

Rin Sohma, also known as Isuzu Sohma, is a character from the manga and anime series Fruits Basket. She is a member of the Sohma family cursed by the zodiac animals. Rin is depicted as a complex and troubled character with a tumultuous relationship with Hatsuharu Sohma.

Who is Isuzu from fruits basket?

rin, haru's girlfriend with the long black hair (later short)she was possesed but the horse

Does yuki and kyo have a crush on tohru?

Yuki loves Tohru like a mother, but it's Kyo who has romantic feelings for her.

Does seshomaru love rin?

Yes Seshomaru loves Rin. Not like inuyasha loves kagome. that's a different type of love. he love rin like a daughter.

Where do you see Haru die or Tiny falling in LOVE?

I saw the REAL ending. that Haru was raped by the mascot of nintendo. I saw her fall in love with Gwen. who is a Koopa kid.