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I guess so. It depends on what kind of humor you like. Stewie-evil humor. Brian-intelligent humor. Lois-sensitive humor? Meg-desperate humor. Chris- dumb humor. and all the other characters. It just depends on what you like. Wow i said humor a lot :)

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Q: Is peter griffin the funniest on family guy?
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What did Peter Griffin play on Family Guy?

as a father in the griffin family

Does the name of the show Family Guy refer to Peter Griffin?

Yes , Peter Griffin is the Family Guy ; see related link .

Who made Peter griffin?

Peter Griffin of "Family Guy" is a creation of Seth MacFarlane .

Who is Peter's wife on Family Guy?

Peter Griffin's wife's name is Lois Griffin.

Who is a friend of Peter Griffin on Family Guy who love Lois?

It is Brian Griffin

Who made griffin?

Peter Griffin of "Family Guy" is a creation of Seth MacFarlane .

Is Peter Griffin from Family Guy smart?

No, Peter Griffin's character is based on being a lovable idiot.

What size is peter griffin from family guy?


In family guy who said get out of here?

Peter Griffin

Why Is Peter Griffin A Famous Cartoon Character?

He is famous because he is the main character on Family Guy and arguably the funniest character on the show and you can kind ofrelate him to some people in North America

Who is the father from Family Guy that wears glasses?

Peter Griffin

Which characters on Family Guy does Seth McFarlane voice?

Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin and Glenn Quagmire as well as Tom Tucker , Stan and Roger ,