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Yes she is best friends with Miley Cyrus. Some people believe that Miley replaced her with Mandy but she did not. People can have more than one best friend.

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Q: Is miley's best friend lesley Patterson?
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Who are mileys friends?

well first of all on youtube she claims her best friend is Mandy, and they make videos together. And then there are her co-stars who she hangs out with! She is also friends with Rachel Butler and Lesley Patterson.

Is Lesley Patterson Miley Cyrus's best friend?

lesley Patterson is Miley Cyrus best friend so just be nice and loyal to at least have friend and b.t.w stop saying that miley replaced lesley with Mandy ,Mandy is random just like all the other people in the world lolz

Lesley Patterson and Miley Cyrus?

Lesley is Miley best friend when they were 6 years old i am lesley hi Okay well actually this is lesley Patterson and me and miley have been friends since we were 3. And for thoose who don't believe me... Add me. Theres proof there.

Whose lesley Patterson?

Best friends of Miley Cyrus

Is mileys best friend lilly?

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Mileys Best Friend?

Demi Lovato

How old is mileys sister noha?

She is 9 years old and her best friend is 9 to and her best friend is called carina hussain is mileys friend to and her email address is

Who is Mileys best friend in real life?

A girl named Lesley in the song see you again it says my best friend Lesley says oh she's just being Miley and so I was wondering if i could meet Miley I saw your movie awesome me and my friends were dancing hoedownthrowdown if that's how you spell it oh well peace out or rock on whichever you like best.

What is mileys best friend named?

Mandy Jiroux

Is lesley Patterson famous?

No she is a normal girl from Tennessee who is best friends with Miley Cyrus.

What is miley cyrus's friends name?

Mandy is her main best friend, but she has many more like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Rachel Butler, Lesley Patterson, and others.

How old is mileys best friend Mandy?

Miley's best friend Mandy is 20 years old