Is mikey way still married

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance is still married.

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Q: Is mikey way still married
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Is mikey way for mcr still married?


Are mikey way and Alicia simmons still married he doesnt have a wedding ring on recently?

Yes they are still married

Is mikey way divorced?

No. Mikey Way is married(or engaged) to Alicia Simmons. They are a very happy couple.

Is mikey way still in your chemical romance?

I believe you mean My Chemical Romance. Yes, Mikey Way is still in the band.

Who is mikey way dating?

Mikey Way is married but I can't remember the girls name... Her name is Alicia Simmons... or Way or whatever

Where was mikey way married?

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Does Mikey Way have a girlfriend?

yes hes married to Alica simmons/way

Do you have to be emo to date mikey from my chemical romance?

A) The band isn't emo, so no. B) Mikey Way is married to Alicia Simmons-Way.

Does mikey have a girlfriend?

yes hes married to Alica simmons/way

What is the sexual orientation of Mikey Way?

Mikey Way may be bisexual, as he is said to have dated Pete Wentz for a short time, however, he is currently married to his wife.

Are Mikey Way and Alicia Simmons getting married?

They are already married (un-fortunatley) But... hope this helped.

Is mikey way married?

His wife's name is Alicia Simmons. She is 23 years old. Alicia and Mikey got married on March 7, 2007. ya, she is a bassist. She filled in on the FFTL Dead by dawn 2 tour in 2005. Shes worked as a merch person, guitar/bass/keyboard tech, and did stuff for labels.. and despite rumors, she is NOT pregnant....they decided they wanted to wait a little bit after getting married to have kids, but they definetly want to start a family....they have a couple dogs and cats....