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No Kouga is not in any of the Inuyasha movies.(yeah I know it sucks!!!!!)

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Q: Is kouga in any of the movies of inuyasha?
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What episode does inuyasha battle kouga?

A lot of them

In Inuyasha what episode did kouga met aoma?

He meets her in Episodes 83 and 84.

Is there a Kouga ending in Inuyasha Secret of the Cursed Mask?

yes it is part 2

Did kagome from kouga get pregnant?

No. She never got pregnant by *anyone* She did get married Inuyasha.

Is koga in any of the inuyasha movies?

Kogau is not in the movies only in the episodes.

Who likes kagome?

--Inuyasha--jinenji--kouga--hojo--hojo's ancestor--monkotsu (hes n the band of seven)

How did the members of the band of seven die in Inuyasha?

Mukotsu was killed by Sesshoumaru Kyokotsu, Ginkotsu (sorta) was killed by Kouga *(Ginkotsu self-destructed in order to protect Renkotsu from being killed by Kouga, but he had been left immobile due to Kouga) Renkotsu was killed by Bankotsu Jakotsu was killed by Inuyasha (and Renkotsu sorta because he took Jakotsu's jewel shard) Suikotsu was killed by Sesshoumaru (and Kikyou sorta, she removed the jewel shard) Bankotsu was killed by Inuyasha originally, they were beheaded then reborn by narako

Which episode number did kouga and inuyasha fight over a bag of chips?

episode 99 Sesshomru and koga: A dangerous encounter

Is the Inuyasha movies in the manga?


After episode 40 of inuyasha does koga come back ever?

Yes Kouga returns in ep.46 and throughout the rest of the series. You will see him often.

Are the Inuyasha movies in English?

Yes they are.

What Sonic the Hedgehog games have Kouga as a playable character?

"Kouga" does not exist in the Sonic series and therefore cannot be played in any sonic game.