Is konan made out of paper?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No...not at all it is her special jutsu , do yu remember when tobi killed her , their was blood coming out of her and that proves it , she uses paper just like itachi uses crows

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Q: Is konan made out of paper?
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Konan from Naruto?

The female member of Akatsuki, is using paper techniques.

What is konan's power?

Konan doesn't stick around long enough for us to find out much about her. However, we do know that she has the power to turn into separate sheets of paper, making her virtually invulnerable in battle. She has no offense whatsoever. She left after Naruto defeated Pain.

What nicknames does Yuka Konan go by?

Yuka Konan goes by Konan, and Konan-chan.

How do you spell Konan on Naruto Konan or Kohnan?

Konan, yes its sort of weird to spell

Is Konan a boy or girl?

Konan is a girl in Naruto Shippuden. But in the manga, Konan is played to be a boy, but some scenes suggest that Konan is either gay with Yahiko, or a girl.

Does yahiko like konan?

No, But Yahiko was the one who had romantic feelings for Konan. Konan just viewed him as a very close friend.

Who is stronger Ino or Konan?

Probably Konan because during Pain and Konan's attack on the Leaf Village Konan fought Ino. Konan didn't kill Ino, but she still beat Ino up pretty bad.

What is the name of the Girl in the Akatsuki?

The girl's name is Hidan.The girl's name is Hidan.WTF?! her name's Konan! And not Hidan.Agreed. Hidan would be the one who believes in a religion that says that anything below death is a sin. Konan is the one who can control slips of paper.

What does the name konan mean?

Konan is translated to 'Little South' in Japanese.

When was Henri Konan born?

Henri Konan was born in 1937.

When was Konan University created?

Konan University was created in 1919.

When was Sebastien Konan born?

Sebastien Konan was born in 1980.