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Konan is translated to 'Little South' in Japanese.

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The name "Konan" does not have a known meaning in English.

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Q: What does the name konan mean?
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What does konan's name mean?

If you mean in English it does not have a known meaning

What is the birth name of Yuka Konan?

Yuka Konan's birth name is Hatsumi Takahashi.

What does Konan mean?

Little South

What is the girl's name in the akatski?


What is the girls name in the akatsuki?


What is the name of the girl with blue hair in Naruto and that is not Hinata but another bluehaired girl?

if u mean the girl in the Akatsuki then its Konan.

What nicknames does Yuka Konan go by?

Yuka Konan goes by Konan, and Konan-chan.

Who is the unnamed akatsuki member?

Her name is Konan btw.

What formality does Konan use after Pein's name?


From Naruto there is a girl named konan what is her last name?

i do not know her last name

How do you spell Konan on Naruto Konan or Kohnan?

Konan, yes its sort of weird to spell

What is the name of the Girl in the Akatsuki?

The girl's name is Hidan.The girl's name is Hidan.WTF?! her name's Konan! And not Hidan.Agreed. Hidan would be the one who believes in a religion that says that anything below death is a sin. Konan is the one who can control slips of paper.