Is kassem g married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, to Erin G

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Q: Is kassem g married
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When was Kassem G born?

Kassem G was born on 1983-10-10.

What is Kassem G name?

His real name is Kassem Gharaibeh.

What is kassem g 's real name?

His name is Kassem Gharaibeh.

Does kassem G have a girlfriend?


Is kassem g on the tv show pranked?


How old is Kassem G?

He is 27 years old.

Is Suzy Kassem married engaged single have a boyfriend?


Where is kassem G from?

Jordan. He moved to Southern California when he was two years old.

When was Kassem Ibadulla born?

Kassem Ibadulla was born in 1964.

How tall is Kassem Gharaibeh?

Kassem Gharaibeh is 6' 1".

Where does Kassem G comes from?

He was from Jordan a middle-eastern country and he also born to a Jordanian father and a Egyptian mother

What nicknames does Kassem Gharaibeh go by?

Kassem Gharaibeh goes by KassemG.