Is just bieber an orphan

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no he has a step mom and a pet tiger

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Q: Is just bieber an orphan
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Can an adult be an orphan?

Orphan originally meant parentless child. An adult is just called 'parentless'.

Why did just Bieber have no hair?

Justin Bieber Had no hair because, he just wanted to..

Is Justin bieber just lip singing?

Justin bieber is just a chirstren

In the movie orphan is Esther a real dwarf or did they just say that?

they're just saying that

What is the proper English word for the Bengali word champak?

Orphan Orphan Orphan Orphan

Is Selena married to Justin Bieber?

no they aree just dating and its spelt Bieber

Who sings Dr. Bieber with Justin Bieber?

It is actually Justin Bieber just in a higher pitched voice.

Who is cuter just bieber or george Sampson?

Justin Bieber <3

How many kids does Jeremy bieber have?

I think it is just, Justin Bieber.

Is just Bieber a hottie?


What an orphan looks like?

just like any other person i guess.

If you are giving the hand of an orphan in marriage who you are taking care of in the marriage cards how will you address the orphan?

As you would normally i guess. Just because their parents have died doesn't change his/her heritage.