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Answer:Jugo used to be a follower of Orochimaru. After Orochimaru died, he made a small team of those who wanted to kill the Akatsuki (some). Their team was called Team Hawk. The members there were Jugo, Sasuke, Suigetsu and Karen.

Jugo is very hot-headed and gets enraged when he's very mad. While journeying with Sasuke and the others, he's also looking for a nice place to relax. He may be high at his temper, but Orochimaru sealed this outrageous power Jugo gets when he's mad using the 5 Pronged Seal.

After the death of Itachi and a nice conversation with the remaining Akatsuki, Team Hawk became officially members of the Akatsuki. And their mission was to capture the Shichibi-Makumori or the Eight-tailed beast.

Go to to get a full view of Team Hawk wearing official Akatsuki uniforms.

No, Jugo used to be a follower of orochimaru then after orochimaru died sasuke Came and got suigetsu , karin who worked in the jail and jugo. Jugo gets the urge to kill out of no where then the only two people who could calm him down were Kimimaro (who died) and sasuke because kimimaro risked his life to get sasuke back to orochimaru so to jugo that made sasuke special


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Jugo --- Naruto Shippuden

Jugo (Nicknamed 'Scales' by other people because anything could tip his balance) is a character in Naruto Shippuden who has random urges to slaughter. When Jugo was younger, he isolated himself to caves, hoping that he wouldn't harm anyone if he was away from everyone.

Soon Kimimaro found him, hoping to be fixed, Jugo let himself be one of Orochimaru's many test subjects. Orochimaru did a test on Jugo that made him able to isolate enzymes in Jugo's blood that caused Jugo to transform.

By using the enzymes, Orochimaru was able to create more controlled, but similar all the same, effects to other people, which led to Orochimaru creating the curse seal.

Soon Kimimaro died, and awhile after that Sasuke killed Orochimaru. Which resulted in Jugo isolate himself again in a cell where he was being kept at Orochimaru's Northern Hideout, where most of Orochimaru's research was performed.

After the death of Orochimaru, Jugo was then recruited by Sasuke to join his team, the hebi (renamed the Taka).

The only reason why Jugo agreed to join the Taka was because Sasuke was one of the only people (besides Kimimaro) that could control Jugo's urges to kill. Kimimato had sacrificed his own life to bring Sasuke to Orochimaru, and when Jugo found out about that, he believed that Kimimaro's spirit continued to live on inside of Sasuke.

One of Jugo's abilities is he is is able to understand and communicate with animals, and is requests them to help him accomplish tasks, such as acting as scouts or gathering information.

Unlike most with the curse seal, who only have one transformation, Jugo can take on any form, depending on whichever works best for the situation.

Jugo is eighteen years old and has orange spiky hair and a (usually) peaceful face. Though whenever he is drawn into his murderous state, he has a unhinged (not peaceful) face.

Jugo wears a black shirt, light brown/tan pants, and a purple curtain wrapped around him like a cape.

But when he, along with Sasuke, Karin, and Suigetsu, joined the Akatsuki, he wears an Aklatsuki robe.

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Hard to say. He follows Sasuke (who is evil) willingly and fights for him, since Sasuke is the only one who can prevent Jugo from going berserk and kill innocent.

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Q: Is jugo in naruto good or bad?
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No he's still alive. Currently with Suigetsu in the War.

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