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No he's currently married to lizz cena

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Q: Is john cenas girlfriend called Sophie?
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Who is John cenas stepbrother?

John cena stepbrother is called MonkeySmell.

What John cenas horroscope?

John Cenas horroscope is a Taurus.

What is john cenas entrancesong name?

It is called ''My time is now''

What is john cenas gang called?

the chain gang or the cenation

What are john cenas brothers called?

His brothers are called Dan, Matt, Sean, And Steve.

What is john cenas entrance music called?

the song is called the time is now and it was written by him

Is john cenas girlfriend more important than the world wrestling federation?

no she is not more important the johns wrestling

What was john cenas first name?

John Cenas first ring name was The Prototype.

What was the name of john cenas movies called?

Marine12 RoundsOxleys RoadBrothers Keeper

What is John Cenas Girlfriends name?

John Cena's girlfriend is called Liz Photos of John and Liz.His girlfriend name is Elizabeth Huberdeau. They married on July 11, 2009. Sorry ladies!

What is john cenas album called?

I`m at this web. asking for the questionbecause i have this QUIZ on ANOTHER WEB.

How John cenas name in Japanese?

John Cenas = Jon Senasu (ヂョン・セナス)