Is jb a boy or a girl?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Yeah, but that doesn't mean he has a bad voice.

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he is a girl

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Q: Is jb a boy or a girl?
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Does JB from JLS have a cousin?

yeah he does he has a girl and boy

Did Justin Bieber get marrried to Selena Gomez?

no she is not jbs type girl jb is very sweet and handsome boy

Who is JB gills dating?

JB gills from JLS is dating a girl called chloe

Who is the boy that Justin Bieber kissed?

The rumor is that JB kissed Jansen Panettiere but it just seems to be another false rumor, like JB has cancer or JB has died.

Who is JB from the book found?

Janitor Boy he is pretty importan

How old was jb when he first kissed a girl?


Would jb date a girl from Louisiana?

its his choise

What is the name of the girl who said her baby was jb?

mariah yeater

How old do you have to be to be one less lonley girl?

the same as jb

Has jb kisst a girl?

Yes he has he has even kissed fans

Who is Engy Abdelnasser?

she is a youtube singer nearly becoming a youtube star,and sooner she will be discovered like JB. She is the girl version of JB

Will Justin Bieber like a black hair girl?

Umm well he wouldn't tell them he didnt like them because the girl had a mustach because he is really to nice but he wouldn't date a girl who had one!Sorry.