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Ziam Mayne is a ship name of Liam Payne and Zayn Malik

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Q: Is it true that there is a ziam mayne from one direction?
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Does any one out of one direction have a girlfriend?

They are all gay Larry Stylinson are together Ziam Mayne are Nandy Heales are to

What is Zayn and liams from one direction nickname when they are together?

it is "Ziam"

What are the Bromances names of One Direction?

Larry Stylinson, Ziam, Niam are my favorites but you can just mash them all up

Who does Zayn Malik like the best from one direction?

Zayn has a bromance with each boy, but the most common bromances are Ziam (Zayn and Liam) and Ziall (Zayn and Niall).

Is it true one direction is splitting up?

No it's not true.

Does it true that Liam Payne will out from one direction?

No, that's not true x

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What are the One Direction bromances?

Larry Stylinson (Louis + Harry)Lilo (Louis + Liam)Zouis (Louis + Zayn)Nouis (Niall + Louis)Niam (Liam + Niall)Lirry (Liam + Harry)Ziall (Zayn + Niall)Narry (Niall + Harry)Zarry (Harry + Zayn)Ziam (Liam + Zayn)There is a total of 10 One Direction Bromances.Larry Stylinson is the most popular.

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