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She dies from being shot be David after surviving the death serum.

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It is not true. I would stop reading here if you don't want any spoilers.

Tris died at the end of the 3rd movie

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Q: Is it true in Divergent the main character Tris dies at the end of the second movie?
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Who does Tobias end up with in Divergent?

Tris loves her Dauntlessinstructor Tobias (Four) in Divergent.

Who is tris prior?

Tris Prior is the most important main character of Divergent.

Who is the most popular girl character?

Tris prior from divergent. :)

Do Tris and Four get married?

Tris and Four, from the Divergent series of books, do not get married.

Is Tris Prior still alive?

No, she died in Allegiant by getting shot.

In the book divergent What is the name of the first person that tris was assigned to fight?

The name of the first person Tris was assigned to fight in the book "Divergent" is Molly.

Will there be an allegiant part two movie?

Maybe or maybe not. Sources say that Shailene Woodely (Tris) would not be apart of the T.V. Movie and yet when I seached up the the movie on google, it shows her playing as Tris. Hopefully there will be another Divergent series movie.

What are facts about Divergent?

This is for a school project isnt it? Facts about Divrgent: -The main character is Tris -She lives in the future -The city is separated into Factions

Divergent Does tris survive initiation?

yes tris does survive initiation and she becomes a member of dauntless

Are Tris' fear of swarming animals and Four's fear of heights really Veronica Roth's phobias in real life?

Yes, they are. The author of Divergent, Veronica Roth, has a phobia of swarming animals, like her character Tris does. She also has a phobia of heights, like her character Four does.

Do the point of views switch between Tobias and Tris in the third divergent book?

Yes, the point of views switch between Tris and Tobias in the third Divergent book, which is Allegiant.

What happened between Molly and Tris in Divergent?

Molly makes fun of Tris' childish body and during fights, Tris beats the crap out of Molly.