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Yes It's Possible, you need to save the game just before you go to the lake where they said there was a red gyarados and u select chimchar and if its a male then turn the game off and start where you saved and keep doing this till you get a female.

this is also good for getting good stats on your starter Pokemon

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Yes I just got one but I'm not sure how, its just random. I believe there's a 12.5% chance you will get one.

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Q: Is it possible to get a female chimchar?
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Is a female chimchar possible to get in explorers of sky?

Yup. Your result needs to be "Impish" for a female Chimchar.

What 2 Pokemon do you put in the daycare in Pokemon pearl to get an chimpchar?

A Ditto and a Chimchar OR A male and Female Chimchar

Does chimchar learn blaze kick by breeding?

Yes, it can. To get a Chimchar with blaze kick, you would have to breed your female Chimchar with a male Blaziken/Hitmonlee/Lucario/Smergle that already knows blaze kick. The easiest ones would be Blaziken and Hitmonlee since they learn blaze kick while leveling

In Pokemon pearl how can you get a chimchar egg with a female Infernape?

breed it with a ditto

Can you find chimchar in stark mountain?

No, chimchar can not be find in wild, if you want one put a ditto and if your starter is chimchar and now is infernape put them both in daycare to make an egg and it will hatch a newly chimchar

How do you get a female piplup?

well you can receive a pilup a chimchar and a tutwig from rowan i had a female piplup so its jut luck. mine is on lv 84 now so keep it up! if you get a boy one you could trade with someone for a female pilup! mind you not many people will trade their piplup! and a lot of people pick chimchar all the time!!!!! (piplup is stronger than chimchar and turtwig and i don't know why they would chose chimchar....)

How does chimchar learn blaze kick?

Chimchar can learn the move Blaze Kick from breeding. Simply breed a male Hitmonlee or Blaziken that knows Blaze Kick with a female Chimchar. The resulting Chimchar that hatches from the egg should now have Blaze Kick as one of it's moves.

Can you make an chimchar egg by breeding Lucario and buneary?

no you can't because if you wanted to make a chimchar egg you would have to breed a female inferape with a male alakazam.

How do you get a girl chimchar on Pokemon pearl?

Good/Answer 2:You can breed a Chimchar and hope its female, or do trading at GTS in Jubilife. :3Answer 1:you cant chimchars are only male

What nature do you have to be a chimchar in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

if you are a female you have to be brave nature

How do you get a female chimchar in Pokemon diamond?

You must choose chimchar as your starter. If your starter is male, then you must reset the game many time and try again, until it's female. ATTENTION: Every starter (inklusive Eevee and other non-starters) is about 87,5% male and 12,5% female. It's rare to get a female starter.

What is the step by step process in order for Chimchar to learn Blaze Kick and Fighting type Egg Moves in Pokemon X and Y?

One option with having Chimchar learn Blaze Kick and other Fighting-type Egg Moves is by having a male Blaziken that knows Blaze Kick and Double Kick and then you can put the male Blaziken and a female Chimchar (or one of its evolutions) into the Daycare which will result into a Pokémon Daycare which will hatch into a Chimchar (of which you want to be female) that knows Blaze Kick and Double Kick and then use the female Chimchar with Blaze Kick and Double Kick and you could opt to go with a male Slakoth or Lucario that already knows Counter at which point putting a female Chimchar and male Slakoth into the Daycare would result in a Pokémon Egg that would hatch into a Chimchar that knows Counter, Double Kick and Blaze Kick.