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It's peals of laughter - meaning loud or ringing.

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Q: Is it peels of laughter or peals of laughter?
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What did the banana say when it got squished?

It gave peals of laughter.(peels? peals?)

Is this statement correct the children were bursted into peals of laughter?

no, it should read "The children burst into peels of laughter"

Is peals of laughter verb or noun?

The term 'peals of laughter' is a prepositional phrase.The noun 'laughter' is the object of the preposition 'of'.The noun 'peals' is a partitive noun, a noun used to quantify an uncountable noun (laughter).

What should be filled in the sentence. The children burst or bursts into peals of laughter?

The children burst into peals of laughter.

Where does the word peels in lawn bowls come from?

the scores chime? ergo peals

What do you get when you cross a banana and a comedian?

piles of laughter

Can I eat banana peals?

Eating banana peels is not common in the west, but Asian people do eat them. They are generally cooked and are rich in nutrients, especially potassium

What is the homophone for ring?

Wring is the homophone for ring. Did you hear the phone ring? Please wring out the towel.

Can bunnies eat banana peals?

good question... I dont see why not. I had bunies for a long time. never gave em banana peels, but hey.. who knows they may enjoy them. i would try atleast!

Does years rhyme with wheels?

No, the words "years" and "wheels" do not rhyme. Some words that do rhyme with wheels follow. creels deals feels heals meals kneels peels peals reels seals steals spiels weals

How do you spell Potato Peals?

The correct spelling for the plural noun is peels.The spelling peals is the sound of a bell ringing.

What is right peelings or peels?


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