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yes of course it is playing is all part of the fun :)

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Q: Is it healthy for couples to play wrestle?
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What do black bears do to play?


Why do lion cubs wrestle?

they don't, they play fight.

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How do chimpanzee babies play?

Chimpanzee babies plays by wrestle with one another.

What are the games of raccoons?

Young raccoons love to wrestle and play a form of tag.

My little cousin is ruining my life what should i do?

just ignore them or play wrestle with them then hurt them

What sports did girls play in Sparta?

Spartan girls learned how to run,wrestle and play javelin!

How do cheetahs play with each other?

they wrestle and tumble around and play leap frog by jumping over each other

Do Canadians wrestle polar bears?

yes but only with the males. They play with the female and live with them underground

Does he still wrestle?

Does who still wrestle?

What is the future tense of wrestle?

Will wrestle.

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He liked to do lots of things- play tennis, take hikes, and wrestle.