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it depends. if you had something like a computer drawing pad ( or something like that

) ms paint would be easier. but if you didn't, using paper would be way easier! i dont necessarily have a computer drawing pad ( or whatever its called ) so i use paper. you're welcome! ;D

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Q: Is it easier to draw anime on paper or ms paint?
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What do you need to draw anime or anthro?

Depends on what media you plan to draw. Paper: Paper or drawing tablet, Pencil, Eraser, Pencil sharpener, Color Pencils*, Marker*, Pen*, Digital: Computer, A drawing program (photoshop, MS Paint, ect.), A drawing tablet*, *optinal material

How can you draw things to look like they are bleeding?

you can splater paint on the paper.

How can you use white watercolour paint on white paper?

you can draw a beach That is pretty

How do you create your own anime transformation?

Go on paint and draw everything that you need for the transformation, like the persons legs, everything like that. Then go on windows movie maker and add all of your pictures that you have drawn on paint. That is how you make an anime transformation!

What are cool things to do with paper?

Draw, paint, origami, paper airplanes, different crafts, etc.

Where can you create anime?

I did not understand your question, however Anime is something you watch.You can always draw anime on paper with crayons or colored markers. Pencil gets messy (for me).drawing a pic is not is a pic about anime.DIFFERENT PERSONMaybe you mean animate?

Where can you make animations?

well i create my own anime characters and story lines in my mind, and then i just put pen to paper! (i can draw it...)

Can Muslims draw anime?

Anyone can draw in the anime style, doesn't matter if you're Muslim, or if you aren't.

Why do some viewers draw anime?

Some viewers draw anime because after watching anime they wish to see if they could replicate the feat that the artists in the industry can.

How can one learn to drawn anime eyes?

To learn how to draw in an anime style, one should consult examples in anime books and magazines. Alternatively, visit the 'Anime World' webpage and their 'how to draw' section.

Does Justin Bieber draw anime?

I can't be sure, but I would say probably, no, you have to be cool and really talented to draw anime.

What is graph paper?

Paper with large squares made up of 100 smaller squares to aid people draw the scales and plot their graphs easier.