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No! No! NO!!!!! But there Not a christian band.

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Q: Is escape the fate a devil worshiping band?
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Does escape the fate worship the devil?

No, they do not!

Why did Omar from escape the fate leave the band?

Omar Espinosa left the band Escape The Fate because he had a fight with Max Green.

Is Max Green's Escape the Fate brother in a band?

no he is not

What are some alternative band names?

Escape the Fate is a good alternative band their songs have some screaming in them but not alotBreaking Benjamin is also a good alternative band they are kinda like Escape the Fate

Is escape the fate and falling in reverse the same band?

no. ronnie radyke formed escape the fate, but then was later kicked out. then he started his new band called falling in reverse.

Will escape the fate be in the game rock band?

hopefully in the future

What is Ronnie from Escape the Fate's new band?

Falling in Reverse.

What are the heights of the escape the fate members?

stalk the band much?

What type of music is escape the fate?

They are a Post-Hardcore band.

When was the year that the band 'Escape The Fate' was formed?

early 2004

Will Ronnie Come Back Sing to Escape the fate?

No Ronnie will not be coming back to escape the fate, while he's been in prison he joined another band, and escape the fate alredy have a new lead singer, The new vocalist for Escape the fate is Craig Mabbitt, he was a previous member of bless the fall. Ronnie is now in a band called Falling in reverse, the band was previously called From behind these walls. :)

Who did the screaming vocals for the band escape the fate when Ronnie was still in the band?

Craig mabbit