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Ronnie got out December 12th 2010! o yea and just telling you guys he is the hottest thing ever and it really sucks that he went to jail in the first place also the fact he got kicked out of the band escape the fate when is the one person who started escape the fate

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Q: Is Ronnie from escape the fate out of jail?
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Did the lead singer of escape the fate come out of jail?

Ronnie came out of jail in February 2009

Is the band escape the fate over?

No, the only thing that changed was that Ronnie is no longer in escape the fate because of a shooting attack that put him in jail

Why is escape the fate so bad?

a lot of people do not like them cause the lead singer (Ronnie Radke) is in jail and the band replaced him with Craig. and a lot f people think Ronnie is better and now thinks the band sucks. but a lot think that escape the fate is still escape the fate

Craig mabbit still with escape the fate?

Yes Craig Mabbit still plays for Escape the fate, He is replacing their old singer Ronnie Radke who is in Jail for Murder and Drug charges

Why is Craig Mabbitt in jail?

Craig Mabbitt isn't in jail. Ronnie Radke, ex-lead singer for Escape the Fate, is in jail. Craig is the new lead singer.

Who is the lead singer for escape the fate?

The singew of escape the fate is Ronnie Radke

Who is the vocalistof the escape the fate?

Ronnie Radke was the original vocalist but he went to jail so the current vocalist is Craig Mabbitt

Did escape the fate get a new lead singer?

Yes, since Ronnie Radke went to jail, they got Craig Mabbitt from Blessthefall.

Who wrote the songs for escape the fate?

Ronnie wrote almost all the material for Escape The Fate.

Is Ronnie in escape the fate anymore?

No. he left.

Will Ronnie Come back to sing in Escape the fate?

Ronnie probably won't come back to escape the fate only because he's in jail plus escape the fate fired him and he has a band already so . i think it would be best if he did go back to escape the fate because they are way better with him than without him now they have the new singer Craig mabbit and that's why they kinda suck now with Ronnie better lyrics without Ronnie kinda bad lyrics and all that screaming :( ronnies new band is called falling in reverse

What Jail in Ronnie Radke in?

i'm not exactly sure, but i know it's in Las Vegas. it probably says it on his myspace. escape the fate = <3