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Yes, he sang it when he was in Escape The Fate.

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Q: Does Ronnie radke sing cellar door?
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Does Craig or Ronnie sing situations?

Ronnie Radke sung situations. You can tell because Ronnie is sexy but Craig isn't

Is it only Ronnie Radke singing on the album called ''Dying is your latest fashion'' or did Craig Mabbitt also sing on that album?

It was Ronnie who sang on that album, Craig sings the album "This War is Ours"

Who are the band members of escape the fate?

Band members: Max Green (bass) Craig Mabbitt (singer) Brian Money"Monte" (guitar) Robert Ortiz (drums) Former members: Ronnie Radke (singer) joined Falling in reverse Omar Espinosa (guitar) Joined the black and white city then perfect like me then started a new band called sky diamond city Carson Allen ( Keyboards) now in a band called on the last day Touring members: Michael Money

Does Ronnie Milsap sing Smokey Mountain Rain?


When Ronnie was in ETF was it only him who 'screamed' or did Max sing screamo too?

Ronnie did it when he was in the band. Max and Craig do it both now.

Does Craig or Ronnie from escape the fate sing Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche?

o_o Ronnie sings in the video. <3

Did frank ifield sing a little mouse with clogs on?

No it was Ronnie Hilton

Do Two Door Cinema Club sing This is the Life?


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Listen Sing Along Shut the Door Hide

Did the beetles sing knockin on heavens door?

no, the beatles did not exist in 1973

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They actually don't go to your door; if you can sing or you're funny, post it on YouTube.

Did Jeff Scott soto sing for Ronnie montrose?

Yep around 2004 or 2005. I saw him at the Darrington Rock Festival in WA state.