Is dream theater satanic

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Absolutely not in any way, shape or form. They are extremely moral and present things in an honest light.

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Not at all, since 3 of their members are Christian, one is Jewish but I'm not sure if he's practicing, and one was raised in a Jewish family but is not religious

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no not actualy! but they are singing satanic in some of the songs(you need to understand spiritual things to understand) for exapmle the song the chosen one is!

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Q: Is dream theater satanic
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Dream Theater was created in 1985.

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Dream Theater is classified as Progressive (Metal)

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What band is John Petrucci in?

John Petrucci is the guitarist for the band Dream Theater.

When did the song Dream Theater come out?

Dream Theater isn't a song, it's a band. Dream Theater was formed in 1985 in Massachusetts and has released eleven albums. The band was originally called Majesty.

Is Dream Theater Illuminati?


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Who is the guitarist in Dream Theater?

John Petrucci

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