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the ministry of lost souls

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Q: 15 minute long song from dream theater?
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When did the song Dream Theater come out?

Dream Theater isn't a song, it's a band. Dream Theater was formed in 1985 in Massachusetts and has released eleven albums. The band was originally called Majesty.

Who wrote panic attack song?

Dream Theater

What is the last song on world tour?

Pull Me Under by Dream Theater.

Lyrics dream theater take you as you are?

The song is called Take me as I am, not Take You as You are.

What song is he longest?

The longest song I have ever heard of is a song that is supposed to last for 1000 years. But that is just a machine making the song. The longest song is recorded by Bull of Heaven and it lasted 6 years. I'm not sure what it is called though. Another very long song is Metropolis by Dream Theater. It is divided into two parts. Part one is a 9 minute and 32 second song. Part two is 77 minutes and 6 seconds long. This is the longest song that I know of, but part one is on a different album.

Longest recorded song?

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater (42:00)

Is there a fifteen minute long screamo song?

no, i highly doubt it. if there is its not a published song by an author.

What key is Dream Theater's Far from heaven in?

The song is atonal - which means there is no set key - it starts on a C major chord though.

Longest song guitar hero world tour?

Pull Me Under by Dream Theater. Lasts 8 minutes 31 seconds.

Where can one find the song 'Pull Me Under'?

You can find the song "Pull Me Under" on Dream Theater's 1992 Images and Words album. You can also listen to the song using music streaming software such as Grooveshark and Spotify.

What song is under 2 minute long?

oh my darling clementine

How long is the song take a shot at dark?

1 minute and 29seconds