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People are saying he will be back in time or early for wrestlemania 27. but wwe didn't announce that he will leave the wwe forever

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Q: Is chris jerricho coming back to WWE?
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Who is the WWE heavy weight champion?

Type your answer here... Chris Jerricho is the WWE heavyweight champion

Is chris Jericho coming back to WWE?

sorry but no

Is chris jerico coming back to WWE?

Yes at some point he will be back

Who is coming back to WWE on January 2 2012?

Chris jehrico

Will Chris Jericho come back to the WWE?

== == Chris Jericho is coming back on 11/19/07 on a edition of Raw.

Is WWE superstar chris jerico coming back to WWE?

He has, but he will be leaving again to go on tour with his band Fozzy

Is Chris Masters coming back to WWE?

yes because he might be jerichos mystery partner

Is scotty too hotty coming back to WWE?

No he is not coming back to WWE

Is Candice Michelle coming back to the WWE?

i do not know when she is coming back to the wwe

Is trish status coming back to WWE?

yes she is contemplating coming back to wwe

What is the meaning of unified match in WWE?

IT means that they hold two titles which gives them more power, meaning that they can wrestle on every wwe show including: ECW, RAW and SMACKDOWN. Chris Jerricho and The Big Show hold the title at the moment.

Is Mick Foley coming back to the WWE?

yes mick foley is coming back to wwe . he is coming back on 11-14-11 :)