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No, he's not, but Trace was legally adopted by Billy Ray.

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2009-11-15 03:09:52
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Q: Is billy ray Cyrus the biological father of trace Cyrus?
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How are billy ray Cyrus and trace Cyrus related?

Billy Ray Cyrus is Trace Cyrus' STEP FATHER. He was adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus when he married Tish Cyrus.

Is trace Cyrus miley's biological brother?

Half brother. His real father is NOT billy ray. But they do have the same mother.

Is trace Cyrus Miley Cyrus's real brother?

trace ismiley's half brother they have the same biological mother but not the same biological Father

Who is Baxter Neal Helson?

Miley Cyrus's brother Trace Cyrus's biological father.

Who are Miley Cyrus and Trace Cyrus?

They are brother and sister, their mother is Leticia Cyrus and their father is Billy Ray Cyrus.

Is billy ray Cyrus trace Cyrus dad?

No Trace Cyrus's Real Dad Is Baxter Neal Helson Billy Ray Is Trace's Step Dad.

What is the name of miley cyru's brother's name?

Miley Cyrus has two brothers. One is older his name is Trace Cyrus his real name is Trace Neal Helson after his real father but then changed his name to Trace Cyrus after his mother, Tish married Billy Ray Cyrus. The younger one's name is Brasion Cyrus and yes Billy Ray is Brasion's real father.

Does Miley and trace Cyrus have the same parents?

They have thesame mother( Leticia 'Tish' Cyrus) but different fathers. But Billy Ray Cyrus adopted Trace Cyrus when he was very young. Trace's real father is Baxtor Neal Helson. There are no pictures of him.

Why is trace Cyrus adopted?

Cause Billy Ray Cyrus isn't his dad & when Tish (His mum) married Billy Ray he adopted Trace.

Was anyone in the Cyrus family adopted?

It's hard to work out Tish and billy ray Cyrus broke up. Miley Cyrus is their biological daughter. Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus sister so is Braison. Brandi is from a different relationship with Miley's dad so is Trace No, Miley Cyrus is her father's actual daughter Tish is her stepmom and trace is her stepbrother christopher is her stepbrother and brandi is her stepsister.

Is billy rays Cyrus son trace is step son?

yes trace is billy step son

Who is Ron Cyrus?

SingerRon Cyrus is the father of country singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus and also the grandfather of the singers/actresses Miley and Noah Cyrus .Also the grandfather of singer Trace Cyrus.

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