Who is Baxter Neal Helson?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Miley Cyrus's brother Trace Cyrus's biological father.

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He is divorced from actual wife of Billy Ray Cyrus.

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No. He lives near Phoenix, Arizona.

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Q: Who is Baxter Neal Helson?
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Who are Trace Cyrus's parents?

Leticia 'Tish' Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson.

Who is trace cyrus's dad?

=== === his real dads name is Baxter Neal Helson

What is Brandi Glenn Cyrus' real last name before she had it changed to Cyrus?

Lawson Daughter of Jerry Lee Lawson. Her mother was Married to him, and later married Billy Ray Cyrus. _______________________________________________________________________ Her last name was Helson. Daughter of Baxter Neal Helson. _________________________________________________________________________ Actually the first person was right, her dad is Jerry Lee Lawson. Trace's dad is Baxter Neal Helson.

Why does it say when you look it up that Brandi Cyrus (who is Miley’s Cyrus’s sister) has 3 parents Billy Ray Cyrus, Trish Cyrus, and Baxter Neal Helson?

Billy Ray Cyrus is her adoptive father, Baxter Neal Helson is her biological father. When Trish and Billy Ray married, Billy Ray adopted Trish's children from her previous relationship.

Did Trace Cyrus' mom marry Miley Cyrus' dad?

Yes. Leticia "Tish" Cyrus had Trace with Baxter Neal Helson. Then Tish and Baxter broke up and she married Billy Ray Cyrus. Then that's when they had Miley, Braison and Noah Cyrus.

Is Trace Cyrus Miley Ray Cyrus's real brother?

Trace Cyrus is not Mileys real borther, Billy Ray had adopted him from Baxter Neal Helson. Some people say they have similar qualities though.

From whos side is trace Cyrus why?

Trac Cyrus is child of Leticia Cyrus( Billy Ray's current wife) and a man named Baxter Neal Helson. Billy Ray Cyrus soon adopted him, when him and 'Tish' got married.

Is Trace Cyrus atopted?

Yes, his real father is Baxter Helson, his original name is Neil Timmothy Helson. This real mother is Leticia (Tish) Cyrus, and his step dad is Billy Ray Cyrus.

Who is trace Cyrus's real parents?

Trish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus!I`m Nina98 on Mileyworld .com Lillyen is my best friend on there/1 His birth parents are Leticia "Tish" Finley Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson, but Bill Ray Cyrus adopted him after marrying Tish.

Is Billy Ray Cyrus Trace Cyrus's real dad?

yes, before Billy married to Miley cyrus's mother, Billy & another woman(sry forgotten her name) had Trace. No. Tish had Trace with her previous husband Baxter Neal Helson. Billy adopted him after marrying Tish. Check Wikipedia.

Why did trace Cyrus leave the Cyrus family?

no he did not he does not speak to his dad though which is baxter neal nelson

Who is trace Cyrus dad name?

Real dad or stepdad? His real dad is Baxter Helson. His stepdad is Billy Ray Cyrus, famous singer and father of Noah and Miley Cyrus.