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No, they are not married. They were in a short term relationship.

But, They are really expecting a child in the next couple months, I read an article about Melina Perez saying after her surgery she began experincing morning sickness, and she took a pregancey test, and it came back postive. So they may not be really married but the relationship status says that they are still dating, and that they CONSIDER it a marriage because they are both living in Washington, (Melina is billed from Los Angeles meaning that is her characters home town).

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Of course they are not living together.

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Q: Is batista living with melinda Perez?
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Is this true that melinda Perez is getting married to batista in November?

Yes, It is, But I think that Batista and Melina were married since late 2007

Is batista going to marry melinda Perez?

No he is not, because they broke up about 2-3 years ago

Is batista dating melinda?

yes Melina is dating batista

Who is batista's girl friend?

Melina Perez

Have Dave Batista and Melina Perez been in a serious relationship?

Yes, Batista and Melina were in a relationship back in 2007. Batista wrote about it in his book.

Is batista dating melinda Perez now?

august 15, 2008 Batista is dating Melina NO!!! he's married, been married 2 a cancer survivor September 8, 2008 Read his book he and Angie are divorced and have been for almost two years and he has been dating Melina on and off for a year and a half.

What date in November is batista going to get marry to melinda?

Baptista isn't dating anyone named Melinda and if you mean Melina, then you are still wrong, Melina is back with Morrison. Batista isn't getting married to anyone!

Is Melina Perez single?

no she is not she is dating Johnny Nitro and Batista (My Man)

What is the sexual orientation of Melina Perez?

no but she did have sex {with batista ? } so the answer is unknown

Did Dave batista sexually harass Melina Perez?

no that was just a sotryline

Is Melina Perez lesbian?

i think she is married to batista

Who is Melina Perez dating right now?

she is single right now, but she dated Johnny Nitro AKA John Morrison and Batista before