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Yes. Actress is the female version of the word. Actor is the male version.

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Q: Is an actress and actor the same?
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What is the same between an actor and an actress?

Ones a male actor and ones a female actor.

Was there a time when there was a nominee for best actress and best actor for the same movie?

Yes there was

What is the difference between actor and actress?

Actor is male. Actress is female.

Is Dani Harmer an actor?

No she's a actress. Actor = male Actress = female

What is another word for actor or actress?

Thespian is another word for an actor or actress.

How can you meet Luke Benward?

become an actor/actress and hope you get a place in the same movie with him.

What is a actor or actress?

An actor or actress is someone who acts in film, television, theater etc.

Can you be a good actor if you have asthma?

Yes! There are many celebrities that have/had asthma.Some of them are:Jessica Alba (actress)EminemLindsey Lohan (actress)BonoSharon Stone (actress)Dennis RodmanPinkMorgan Fairchild (actress)Bob Hope (actor)Elizabeth Taylor (actress)Martin Freeman (actor)Christopher Reeve (actor)

What is actress in Welsh?

"Actores", but it would be more PC these days to call them "actor" (the same as in English)

Which actress won best actor three times?

It is impossible for an actress to win best actor.

What is virat kohli's favourite actor and actress?

actor aamir khan actress aishwarya rai

Can either a man or woman be an actress?

it is usually a male but some call female actresses actors