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Q: Is albertina walker related to hezikah walker?
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When did albertina walker die?

Albertina Walker die October 8,2010.

What nicknames did Albertina Walker go by?

Albertina Walker went by Tina, and Queen of Gospel.

When was Albertina Walker born?

Albertina Walker was born on August 28, 1929, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

What did Albertina Walker die from?

Dr. Albertina Walker passed away from respiratory failure. I just hate that she had to suffer.

Has Albertina Walker died?

Yes, Albertina Walker died in Chicago, IL, on Friday October 8, 2010.

Is Albertina Walker sick?

The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr stated yesterday that Albertina Walker is very ill and now on a respirator.

Did albertina walker have children?

She do have kids

Is Ms Albertina Walker dead?

No! It is my understanding that Ms. Walker is in ICU and her condition is serious.

Can you get contact information for Albertina Walker and Inez Andrew?

How can you contact Albertina Walker and Inez Andrew? I would like to send an appreciation note to Albertina Walker for her contributions to Gospel Music. I've admired her work for years and really want to thank her for the help she 's provided in the development of my soul. Where can I send sa simple thank you note? David Burden

Did Ms Albertina Walker ever marry and does she have any kids?

no she has no children or husband

Is Albertina walker dead?

Yes she is as of 10-08-2010 per yolanda Adams morning show

When was Albertina Dias born?

Albertina Dias was born in 1965.