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Q: Is Kyle walker related to Des walker?
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What is Kyle Walker's birthday?

Kyle Walker was born on May 28, 1990.

When was Kyle Walker born?

Kyle Walker was born on May 28, 1990.

How tall is Des Walker?

Des Walker is 5' 11".

What nicknames does Des Walker go by?

Des Walker goes by Johnnie Walker Whisky.

How fast does kyle walker do the 100m?

Kyle walker can run the 100m in about 6 hours and 23 minutes

Is kyle walker gay?


How old is Kyle Walker?

UK footballer Kyle Walker is 27 years old (birthdate: May 28, 1990).

When was Des Walker born?

Des Walker was born on November 26, 1965, in Hackney, London, England, UK.

Who was the president who ended patronage?

kyle walker

Is kyle massy related to cris massy?

=yes he is related to kyle massy=

How many goals has Kyle walker scored in his career?


Is Clint walker related to Paul walker?

As far as I know they are not at all related.